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Deciding on the right flooring for a commercial building is a little different from choosing flooring for your home.  The considerations are different, and you are viewing it as a business expense, rather than money you need to spend on your house.  So, what are some of the most popular options for the best commercial flooring and what makes them so popular?

What to look for when choosing commercial flooring

There are two main considerations when you are looking for flooring for a commercial building.

The first is that it is durable enough to withstand the constant use it will receive.  Most commercial buildings will see a lot more use than the average house and this means some types of flooring are either too delicate for the job or need too much upkeep to make them practical.

Another consideration is the cost.  With a business investment, you want to spend as little as you can but as much as you need.  That means some of the very high-quality flooring options might not be practical, especially if you have a larger space.

Finally, you want something easy to maintain and looks the part in the space.  Poor quality flooring can spoil the look of a shop, office, or other business property and this can create a less than a great first impression on people visiting it.

Best commercial flooring styles

There are lots of different considerations when it comes to the exact type of flooring you choose, depending on your business.  But there are two styles that stand out in particular as ones that tick most all of the boxes.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is popular because it has the appearance of real wood but is durable, easy to clean and very tough.  Hardwood flooring is gorgeous, but it doesn’t always withstand constant use as well, so laminate is the next best option.

There are plenty of colour choices to match in with the decor of the building and even more unusual ranges that can match up with any colour palette such as very dark or light shades.

There are also different strength grades so you can get something that works perfectly for the level of traffic your business will see.

Vinyl flooring

The other great option for commercial spaces is vinyl flooring.  This comes in many options including luxury vinyl tiles and the classic flooring on a roll we see in many homes.

Modern vinyl products are very durable and come in a huge range of styles, colours and finishes to work for any business.  Because they are very easy to clean, it is simple to keep things looking smart.

Choosing the right flooring

Choosing the right flooring for a commercial property is important as it can make a big difference to everything from how the building looks to how easy it is to keep clean and tidy.  Choosing flooring that works well for commercial properties will put you in the best place to get those benefits and to create a business space that looks great.