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There’s no doubt that one of the biggest booms in recent times has been the creation of home offices.  With more people being forced to work at home during the pandemic, spare bedrooms, conservatories, dining rooms and more have all had a new purpose as a place to work.

But if you are planning a dedicated home office, then there are a few things to consider.  One of the important ones is what to put on the floor.  Let’s look at the best flooring for your home office to get some inspiration.

Matching or distinct?

One of the first things to consider is the look of the room and therefore the flooring.  Do you want it to be similar and in keeping with neighbouring rooms or are you looking for something that stands out and is different?

A lot might depend on how the room flows to other spaces.  If it is an open plan, then you might want a harmonious flow from one area to another.  But if the room is separate and self-contained then the choice is really up to you.

What kind of flooring is best for home offices?

Home offices are a little unique in terms of what they need from the flooring.  For starters, there is the office chair to contend with – these need certain types of flooring or their ability to easily move around is compromised.  So, a thick carpet pile isn’t usually the best idea – even paired with a special mat, it can still make it hard to move your chair around.

Ease of cleaning is another big factor for home offices.  You don’t want to spend loads of time on upkeep, but you want something that can easily be spruced up if you happen to have business visitors or work colleagues around.  So, stain-resistant flooring that is easy to clean is often top of the list.

Managing the acoustics

The Zoom call has become a famous part of working life during the pandemic but there’s a solid realisation that has come from it – rooms need to have the right acoustics to make for comfortable calls.

In smaller rooms, this is less of an issue but if you have a larger space, you might want to go for something that helps absorb the sound rather than bouncing it.  Otherwise, you might sound like you are in a concert hall rather than a home office!

The best flooring options.

We often find there are two top categories for home office flooring.  These tick all the boxes, look stylish and are practical.

The first is laminate flooring.  Laminate is tough and easy to clean, you can add a special mat on it to ensure chair wheels don’t cause marks and it looks smart.  There are a variety of colours to suit all decor. The other is hard-wearing styles of carpet.  These have a short pile and usually involve manmade materials that make them stain and water-resistant, tough and simple to clean.  Again, a mat can be added to make sure wheels don’t cause ruts in the pile.

There’s no reason you can explore beyond these options for office flooring, but they are two of the most popular for good reason!