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When deciding on the look for your home there are a lot of decisions to make on the style, colour and aesthetics you want but this decision can seem more difficult when choosing the colour of your new carpet, but there are some ways to filter the choices down to a select few.

Does it need to fit in or stand out?

If you have an already have your room decorated or are you new to your home and starting from scratch considering the eventual colour of the walls and furniture when choosing your carpet colour.

There’s two ways to approach this, either you can choose a striking carpet that would stand out from the walls around, something very different or you can choose something fairly close to create a complimentary colour scheme for you room.

Complimentary colour carpet

Everyone likes to decorate their homes differently and those tastes can change throughout the year so you shouldn’t feel these decisions are permanent.  If you do want to go for something complimentary then you should choose what the rest of the room will be before you choose the colour of your carpet.

Light colour rooms are fairly common among family homes, places that seem lighter and catch the sun on the lovely spring mornings.  So, for your carpet to compliment this you will want to choose something more muted and neutral, A nice sand colour, eggshell or a gentle brown perhaps even light yellows or pale sky blues.   Something that will nicely settle as the base of your room (particularly a living room for a family) they can even help make the room seem bigger than it actually is by choosing a lighter colour carpet, this is fantastic for small or midsize homes that would appreciate the effect.

Striking colour carpet

A striking carpet can have more than one purpose to a home.  One purpose is simply to make it eye catching; this works best with a long fiber carpet in a darker painted room.  You can either go for a lighter carpet such as a stark white or a bright colour which will bring some much-needed fun into a room with darker walls.  They can also help to make a room seem cozier and more snug, a warm environment for those evenings.

Another purpose for a striking carpet is to help deal with day to day issues in that room.  Carpet stains can be a regular problem in a home with children, from any food spills or accidents created through everyday play and learning.  Choosing a dark colour or full black carpet can help hide some of those stains and extend the life of your carpet but there are some also that are stain resistant! Extending it even more.

Even after filtering your options down with these guidelines the task of choosing a colour for your carpet can still be daunting but remember that even something like a carpet is not a permanent choice.  A new carpet is a big change, but you can ease that pressure by acquiring some carpet samples and exploring the choices available to you somewhere such as Adamms’ Carpets warehouse.