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Conservatories offer an additional room in the home in an easy and convenient way, often all glass and looking into the garden they are a great way to bring the outdoors in on a rainy day. Perfect for games rooms, reading rooms, dining rooms and sunrooms, these flexible and hardworking areas of our homes need equally hardworking flooring to make them great places for the whole family to be.

Often when you are having a conservatory added to your home, the big focus is on the overall design and shape of it.  One area that can be a little left out is the flooring, but this can be a crucial element that has a big impact on the overall success of the room.

Conservatory Flooring

Here are some essential considerations when looking at conservatory flooring. Before you start considering the exact material to use on the floor and what kind of look you are aiming for, there are a few elements to look at.  For starters, you need to make sure the floor is level as some materials only work on completely level bases – if you are renovating an older conservatory this might be an issue.

Choose Your Conservatory Flooring

While underfloor heating may not seem something to consider in a warm room like a conservatory, more people are doing just this for the colder months of the year.  Again, some materials don’t work well with underfloor heating systems so consider this if you are adding one.

The orientation of the conservatory may also play a part in the choice of flooring.  For example, if you have a south facing home and therefore the conservatory will face the same way, a cooling material such as natural stone or ceramic can help keep the heat down.  You also want to consider that it might be a high traffic area with lots of boots and shoes coming through so you would need something tough.

Different Options Available

Once you have a few basics in mind, you may be led straight to a type of floor that best suits your needs.  But there are plenty of options and here are a few of the main ones to consider.

Vinyl for your conservatory – Gone are the days of boring vinyl flooring, you can get just about any pattern printed on vinyl if you wish. Luxury vinyl is now being made that looks like ceramic or stone but without the coldness, perfect for a conservatory.

Laminate for your conservatory – Just like in the kitchen areas, laminate flooring can be a great option for a conservatory.  It has the look of real wood but is much tougher and can withstand high traffic areas.  You can get a variety of colours and finishes to fit in with the look of the room and it is often a cost-effective option.

Carpeting for your conservatory – Having a soft carpet in a conservatory is always a great choice, especially if the extra space provided by the conservatory is used as a family space with children playing on the floor there. Great in summer and winter and carpets come in the widest range of colours, patterns and styles of all the flooring types.

Whatever you choose for your conservatory Adamms has the best choices at the best prices. We can also measure, deliver and fit – visit our warehouse, just off Norham Road in North Shields!