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It is not only the style of house that will dictate the type of flooring you will have in your home, but also who lives there, what each room will be used for and what your budget is. New carpets can be one of the more expensive purchases you will make in your home. It’s also a choice you’re going to live with every day so it’s important to consider your options. Get it right, and you’ll enjoy a warm glow of satisfaction every time you step inside the front door. Get it wrong, and you’ll have to train your eyes to stay permanently fixed above floor level. The good news is that

choosing the right carpet styles and carpet colours isn’t that hard. Just keep these handy tips in mind.

  1. Thinking ahead

Are you looking at years of energetic children and pets tramping through your home or do you have a quieter life? Will you be moving, renovating or redecorating in the next few years? Are you looking to sell your home? The type of use your carpet receives can make a big difference to the types of carpet you select, not to mention the price you’ll pay. Luxurious wool carpets or hardwearing nylon carpets – which choice will it be?

  1. The Texture will make a difference

Don’t just focus on the carpet colour, style or type. Different carpet textures also affect the feel, appearance and performance, you want something you can walk on barefoot and feel good about it. Woven carpets are long lasting but cost more than tufted carpets. Shorter pile carpets are easier to maintain but aren’t as luxurious as longer pile carpets. If you have pets with claws, avoid loop (i.e. Berber) textures unless you want them to use it as a scratching post!

  1. It has to Flow

Well-designed houses have a sense of clear transition and flow when you move from one room to room. It simply makes for a more relaxing space to live in. With this in mind, think carefully before you choose a bunch of different carpet colours and styles for different rooms. This can create a jarring effect you may regret. you don’t want to find that when your carpets meet in a door way it creates a horrible clash of colours or styles.

  1. Pay close attention to your patterns

Plain carpets give you more flexibility with the overall decor but can be a bit bland in large rooms. Don’t discount patterned carpets as being old and fuddy duddy – your Adamms carpet advisor can show you some very cool samples. We’re not talking about your Nana’s old floral Axminster here! Another advantage of patterned carpets is that they can conceal signs of wear or soiling so great for high traffic areas or rented property. But avoid large, bold patterns in small rooms, as they make the space feel cluttered and can be overbearing.

  1. Where is your natural light coming from?

North-facing usually means less sun and natural day light, so you’re probably looking at a room that’s relatively cold and dark. Warm it up visually with a carpet style containing red, orange or yellow tones and look for something that looks great under artificial light.

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