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When it comes to classic feel carpets, wool always tops the list.  It is also surprisingly tough, long lasting and always looks gorgeous.  Adamms carpets in North Shields has been selling wool carpets for decades and they are the experts in getting you the carpet you want at the best price possible!

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There are more reasons why a wool carpet will make your flooring stand out than just the fact that they look good.  Let’s get to know those wool carpets a little better:

Types of Wool Carpets

Wool carpets generally fall into two categories – made from wool entirely or blended with another material, often a man-made one.

100% Wool – Carpets made with 100% wool are made from string wool, often from sheep from places like New Zealand and Britain which has strong and tough wool.  New Zealand wool is generally softer and used for lighter fabrics while British wool is heavier and has great texture.  Sometimes the wool comes from different animals and is mixed together.

Wool Blend Carpets – The most common blend carpet is an 80/20 blend with it being 80% wool and 20% another material.  Nylon is one example that adds toughness and durability to the carpet while others can make the figures more flexible.  They may not feel quite as soft as 100% wool but are better for high traffic areas.

Why Wool Carpets Stand Out

When it comes to buying a carpet, most people will say wool is the best material to have, either on its own or blended with man-made fibres.  But what has given it this high reputation?

Wool Carpet Durability

Wool is the most durable natural material used in carpets, only outlived by the man-made fibres.  It is very elastic and a natural crimp that allows each fibre to withstand more use.  This means it will last longer than other natural material carpets by some margin.

Wool Carpet Comfort

Wool carpets are extremely comfortable on bare feet or knees so if you are walking, kneeling or sitting on the carpet, it will feel much more comfortable.  It has good insulation properties to help keep a room warm which can do its bit to reducing heating bills.

Stain Resistance

Wool carpets are naturally quite stain-resistant and there are special coatings that can be added to enhance this.  Also, the nature of the fibres means that they often hide dirt and stains if they do stick so they look cleaner for longer.  Although that can mean you don’t realise when cleaning is needed so a regular carpet cleaning schedule is ideal!

Sustainable & Biodegradable

Finally, the qualities of the carpet that don’t impact the room as such but life in general.  Wool is a sustainable material because it comes naturally from sheep’s coats – meaning it is a renewable material.  It doesn’t hurt the animals to remove it and it is also biodegradable.  So, if the wool goes back into the soil, it will break down into basic nutrients.

Eye Catching Carpet Option

Wool is definitely an eye-catching material for a range of reasons.  From the feel of the material and the durability of it to the sustainable nature of wool, it has solid benefits and comes in so many styles that there’s something for everyone.