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Well known for their use in commercial spaces across the North East, carpet tiles are a great option for businesses. A great alternative to the traditional carpet roll, carpet tiles not only look amazing, but are also easier to wash, clean and install. Available in a range of colours, designs and textures, these adhesive tiles are easy to remove and replace. This means they work great for those areas of the house or office where there is a heavy traffic, or which is commonly used by kids and pets. If you accidentally stain or damage areas which are beyond repair, you do not have to replace the entire floor as you would with traditional carpet, with this tile all you need to do is just replace the stained tiles.

Carpet Tile Installation

Measuring the Room: For determining the number of tiles needed for a room you need to measure the room. To get the square footage of the room to be carpeted multiply the width with the length of the room. Once the room is measured, your Adamms carpets sales assistant can tell you about the number of tiles that you will have to use. In addition to this you can also purchase a set of extra tiles for replacement in case of stains or damage to the floor, which we always recommend.

Cleaning up the Floor: Prior to installing and interlocking the carpet tiles, you will need to move any rugs or old carpets out of the room. Once the furniture has been moved and the area has been vacuumed to remove the dirt and stains, you now have a clean slate to start installing the carpet tiles.

Finding the Centre: For determining the pattern and installing the tiles, you will need to find out the exact centre of your room. For doing this you will need to measure each of the walls in the room and divide it by two. Mark the centre of each wall and using a chalk line, draw out a line from the centre mark of each wall to find the converging point at the centre of the room which would serve as the starting point for your carpet tile installation. For confirming the measurements, measure the centre line from the wall at various points on the line. If the measurement varies by more than a few centimetres, then you might want to measure all over again and chalk out a new line to confirm the centre.

Carpet Tiles North Shields

Placing the Tiles: Once you have located the centre of the room, place the first carpet tile on the converging point of the two lines, making sure it is located evenly on both the lines. It is best to first check the alignment of the tiles on the floor without using the adhesive. Start placing the tiles on the ‘X’ mark fitting them tightly together. Some carpet tiles come with arrows to indicate the direction of the tile layout. Keep laying the tiles in the same direction ensuring that the pattern is maintained till you reach the last full carpet.

Fitting the Edges: In order to fit the tiles at the edges, you may need to cut the tiles. To do so, turn the carpet tile upside down and place it underneath the last whole tile in the row. Mark the line where the last tile ends. Now using a carpenter’s square and a knife cut the carpet square. make sure cut the tiles on a hard surface way from your floor so you do not end up cutting your new carpet tiles, that you have just put down.

Installing the Tiles: Once you are satisfied with the baseline alignment, it is time to start fixing the carpet tiles. Some carpet tiles come with adhesive backing. So, all you have to do is remove the paper backing from the adhesive and stick them on the floor. Carpet Tiles can allow you to create fantastic designed in your home and office space and offer a convenient way to make sure you can replace areas of wear and tear. Adamms carpets can install the carpet tiles for you and we stock huge range so we can find something that will match your decor and budget.