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There’s a lot of choices when it comes to setting up a nursery.  From the type of cot to the essential furniture you need in it, you have plenty of decisions ahead of you.  One of the ones that doesn’t get as much attention is the flooring.  So, we decided to take a look at why you might want to choose carpet for your nursery and how to get the right one.

Why choose carpet?

Carpet is one of the most forgiving of flooring materials.  It is soft underfoot and much more comfortable to walk on.  When you use it in a nursery, those benefits become more important because your baby is going to be crawling and walking around the room.  By having a good quality carpet, you are creating a soft surface for them to move around on and to cushion those little stumbles and falls.

The right carpet will also be easy to clean so there’s no worry about accidents, spills or other stains.  You can easily vacuum it and remove the dirt and debris that can fall to the floor and carpet cleaning is simple to give things a deeper clean.

How to choose the right carpet

There’s no doubt that a carpet is a solid option for nursery flooring.  But are there any particular tips for getting the right carpet for the room’s purpose?  Yes, there are!

Make sure it is stain resistant

We mentioned that carpets can be stain-resistant and therefore easy to clean.  But always check just how stain-resistant and how to clean a carpet before buying it.  Not all carpets are automatically stain resistant so make sure you get to know what you are buying.

Look out for possible allergens.

Carpets are made from all different materials and some of these can be allergens.  While it is impossible to know ahead of time what your baby may be allergic to, if either parent has allergies, then these are always possibly passed on.  So, look at the materials in the blend and see if they are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to reduce the risk of a problem.

Be certain it is durable.

An ultra-plush and soft carpet might seem perfect when the baby is spending most of their time in the cot, but it is always worth remembering this is just a short phase.  Ther’s a much longer time that they will be active and moving around the room.  So, you want to ensure the carpet is made from durable materials that will last a long time and withstand frequent use.

Think ahead with designs.

Finally, when choosing carpet, it is worth considering that it usually lasts for a number of years.  So, while the cute ducklings or little ponies might seem perfect for a baby, the carpet could be with them into their junior years and even beyond!  So, it can be worth aiming for something a little more neutral that will be suitable as they grow up.

A great nursery flooring option

Carpet is a great nursery flooring option.  It is soft and forgiving to trips and falls.  The right one is easy to clean and maintain and looks stylish.  So, it makes a great option even when the nursery becomes a bedroom.