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At one time, vinyl flooring was a bit of a make-do type of flooring and didn’t have that classy look you associate with laminate or wood flooring.  But those days are far behind us, and modern vinyl flooring is a high-quality product that looks amazing in any part of your home.  Let’s get to know it a little better.

What Vinyl Flooring Options Are There?

One of the first things to understand is that there are different types of vinyl flooring available.  Understanding the basics of what these are and what they work best for can help to get the ideal flooring for your room.

As a rule, vinyl flooring is long lasting and durable, scratch-resistant, and very easy to clean and maintain.  The specifics of the product vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but these core elements are always present.

For example, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is made from PVC and has three layers with a rigid or flexible core, a layer that imitates other types of flooring that are visible in the room and a protective layer that coats this to make it tougher. Sheet vinyl flooring is the more traditional style and is still a great option, especially for areas such as the kitchen.  It comes in sheets so can be rolled out for longer rooms and is very budget friendly.

What are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT are one of the newer options for vinyl flooring and have taken off in popularity.  They are waterproof so work in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as other rooms and, have that stronger outer layer while looking very much like wood or stone flooring.  Then there is an insulation layer that makes them warmer to walk on and helps with reducing noise.

They also still have the benefits of vinyl flooring.  They are easy to maintain and just need regular vacuum cleaning and then a wipe with a damp mop.  There are many different styles, and this makes them suitable for any type of room.

How to Choose the Best Option?

There’s no right or wrong answer to the question of what the best vinyl flooring option is, but there are factors that can help you choose.  While both LVP and LVT are very similar, the way they are packaged is different – one comes in tile form while another is more like a flooring plank.

If you are a fan of stone effect flooring, then LVT might be the best option.  There are more styles that imitate stone flooring in these ranges than there are in the planks, which lead more naturally to wood effects.

The final consideration is if you want to add underfloor heating to a space.  In this case, most vinyl flooring will work but you should always check with the manufacturer or the flooring seller to make certain.  You can use both floating floor styles as well as glued floor finishes with underfloor heating and vinyl flooring. Adamms Carpet warehouse in North Shields stock all leading brands of Luxury Vinyl Tile at the best prices anywhere!