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There are tons of saying about New Year, a new start, all that business. But it all comes from the fact that a new year feels fresh and a great opportunity to make some changes. For this year, how about making some changes to the flooring in your home? To help you out, here is some inspiration.

Go with a classic

If you are thinking about changing your flooring and are not sure what style to go with, then you could side with the 57% of people who purchase carpet for their floors.  More than half of flooring purchases are carpet, despite the increased popularity of laminate flooring and even things like luxury vinyl tiles.

Carpet is also versatile enough to work in any room of the house. From special carpets that work in the kitchen to luxurious styles that are ideal for bedrooms, there is something that’s suitable for every room. So, if you are in doubt, stick with a classic and get new carpets.

Look at trends

Maybe you are a little less cautious and want to jump into an ongoing trend to help you choose your flooring.  Trends are published every year, but some have been around for a while so are trendy but also have that longevity to them.

An example is the use of natural fibre carpets.  Not for everyone or every room, these carpets are made from things like bamboo or jute.  While these are not as soft as something like a wool blend, they are very hardwearing and popular with people who are conscious of the sustainability of their products.

Another example of an ongoing trend is something like large plank laminate flooring.  This has the effect of making a room seem larger and is popular in places like living rooms or bedrooms.  It also takes a bit less work to lay than the smaller planks!

Stick with the flooring, change the colour

New Year’s a great tie to change your flooring but you do not have to change the type of flooring.  If you love your laminate, do not feel you have to switch to something else.  Instead, you could upgrade what you have and simply change the colour.

Neutrals have been the in shades for several years and greys have risen to the top of the pile.  If your colour scheme works with it, why not think about changing that soft beige laminate for a grey shade?  Or maybe you have a patterned carpet that worked well before you decorated but now clashes with the feature wall wallpaper.  Then why not simply get a new carpet in a plain colour that creates visual harmony but still gives you the underfoot feel you love.

Make a change in New Year

Making a flooring change for New Year can be a great way to refresh the look of a room or part of the house.  You don’t need to be radical and jump into the latest micro-trend but there’s plenty of ways to make a change and freshen up the look of a room for the new year.

Whatever you are looking for to change your home in 2021, the team at Adamms have the best selection of flooring and carpets at the best prices available.