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When it comes to choosing the perfect carpet, there are lots of option available to make a decision.  But one of the big ones is whether to go for a wool or polypropylene carpet – a natural or a manmade material.  So how do you make the choice?  And why is it about more than just the price?

Choosing carpet material

While cost is almost always a factor for people when buying a carpet, the two main categories have moved closer together in recent times.  Wool can be more budget friendly while polypropylene carpets are higher quality and less ‘man-made’ in their appearance.  This means that the choice may no longer be just about the cost.

How the carpet reacts to the use it receives should be a big part of the decision making process.  For example, a luxury carpet may be ideal in a bedroom where there’s minimal foot traffic but would be a disaster in the living room.  You should look at the kind of use the room receives as a big factor in choosing the right carpet.

Why choose wool?

Wool is a natural material and has a great resistance to soiling and stains as well as naturally being wear resistant.  The two most common options are 100% pure wool carpets of ones that are 80% wool blended with nylon and polypropylene to make it even tougher.

This means for a living room or stains, the 80% wool blend might be the perfect carpet while somewhere like a bedroom, the 100% wool carpet would work perfectly.  Other benefits of wool carpets include:

  • Long lasting as well as hard wearing
  • Keep the pile and shape for a long time
  • Returns to its shape after furniture has been standing on it
  • Has a natural flame retardant property
  • Environmentally friendly option made from sustainable fibres

Why choose polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a tough, man-made material that is ideal for high traffic areas.  It has a built-in stain resistance that makes it ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms and even living rooms – places where accidents are most likely to happen.

It also comes in more luxurious varieties when it is blended with other materials.  A mixture with wool offers a soft and luxurious finish that still has stain resistance.  Heavier weight polypropylene carpets are also popular for living rooms and stairs.  Other benefits include:

  • Very resistant to even tough stains
  • Easy to clean if there is a spill
  • Durable with a long lifespan
  • Retains its colour well
  • Offers great value for money

Getting the right carpet

When you buy your carpet from an expert in carpets, then you don’t need to worry too much about the exact material and whether it is right for your room – they will help with this.  But by having an idea of the kind of use that a room will receive, you are better placed to get the right carpet that will last the longest time, withstand the use and look great while being value for money for years to come.